Managing Risk

The cannabis industry is confronted with a great number of challenges and insurance-related risk issues, all in the face of regulatory requirements State by State and through eventual Federal regulations to come.

What's Changed

The emerging market for recreational marijuana and related products creates many unique exposures that can add to a potentially catastrophic risk environment. Selecting the right insurance plan can mitigate the risk inherent in an industry that presents to the public a special product where state regulation has not kept up with. The cannabis sector is confronted with a great number of challenges and insurance-related risk issues that only a well informed advisor can help and manage those risks for a unique industry.

How Can Package Program Help?

Package programs can help companies effectively address risks unique to this unique industry, as well as general business risks, including business interruption, product liability and recall, and directors and officer’s liability. Keep an eye out for programs that contain coverages designed to mitigate or transfer the exposures such as...

Firstgate Insurance Management Services

Our team at Firstgate Insurance Management has over 20 years of experience managing risk and insurance needs for businesses small and large. We understand the fast-changing environment, helping you find comprehensive, but competitive coverage that sets us apart as the trusted, dependable insurance management firm.

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